St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

Our 50th Anniversary

On 2 November 2019, St. Ambrose Barlow School turned 50!

As part of our 50th anniversary celebrations, we had fun making a short video, our children and staff formed the digits ’50’ in commemoration of the milestone event in our school’s calendar. Children and staff dress in 60s attire and had a 50th Birthday Party in the afternoon. There was lots of dancing to 60s music and games were enjoyed in the classroom. What a fantastic effort by all - lots of flower power, peace, love.

Keep an eye on our website for further events of celebrating the past 50 years of our school.

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Our Patron Saint Statue - November 2019

The statue of our patron saint.

The parish gave us a wonderful gift for our 50th anniversary. We were given the most wonderful statue of our patron saint, St. Ambrose Barlow.

This new statue has pride of place near the entry of our school, placed prominently, so that it can be seen by all. Have you seen it yet?

Our patron saint was a courageous person who always tried to fulfill God’s mission in new ways, we pray to him daily for his help and intercession as we live, love and work together.

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Photos from the Past

Below are a selection of photographs taken at St. Ambrose Barlow over the past 50 years. Which past pupils can you recognise?

Click the pictures for a closer look.