St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

Event - 'Sursum Corda' Liturgical Leaders Mass

23 September 2019

Recently, liturgical leaders from across the ‘Sursum Corda’ cluster of schools participated in a celebration Mass that recognised how they live out their faith and gave thanks for their hard work within our schools.

Liturgical leaders play a paramount part in our school.

Each pupil is expected to assess whether liturgical colours of the Church’s calendar have been used, flowers or plants and a candle decorate the altar, a bible is open at an appropriate page and if statues or other appropriate artefacts are displayed. Consideration as to whether the altar is interactive, for example, by means of a prayer box is also addressed.

Children also ensure that the focus is changed regularly, used by the teachers and pupils, looks well-presented and is well cared for.

Keep up the wonderful work children!