St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School

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It is becoming more and more crucial for children and parents to know how to keep safe online. At St Ambrose Barlow we have delivered lessons and assemblies to pupils to help them understand the issues and how to be SMART online.

Parents may wish to access the links below for some great resources and information on e-safety. Childnet is a very useful site. Check out the video below to find out more about resources we are using in school.

Premier of the SMART Adventure!

Chapter 1: Who should you accept?
Chapter 2: What is reliable?
Chapter 3: What should you keep safe?
Chapter 4: Who should you tell?
Chapter 5: Be careful when meeting up

Please look through the following with your child/ren:

Link to Thinkuknow

Link to Thinkuknow for Parents

Link to Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre        Link to Childline

Recommended Websites

Link to Mathletics


Below you will find lots of links to other websites that we hope you might find interesting or entertaining.

  • Ask Kids
    A search engine designed exclusively for young people.
  • BBC Parents Page
    Activities and worksheets to help your child learn at home.
  • Caret Brainteasers
    A collection of brainteasers and puzzles designed to appeal to all styles and methods of learning.
  • CBBC
    Fun and games for older children from the BBC.
  • CBeebies
    Lots of games and activities for young children from the BBC.
  • Childnet Sorted
    Help for parents to protect their computers and information online.
  • DSO Kids
    If you want to find out anything about music have a look here.
  • OneKey
    A child friendly search engine to help with research.
  • OneLook
    An online dictionary will help with your spelling and finding the meaning of words.
  • Primary Games
    Free online games for children.