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All the children and staff at St Ambrose Barlow's would like to extend a very warm welcome to our school website. We hope that you enjoy visiting our website and that it helps you to understand more about our school and how we live and work together as a learning community of faith.

Whether you are a current or past pupil, existing or prospective parent or just a casual browser, we hope you will find this site to be a useful source of information about life at our school.

The site has been designed to give you all the relevant information that you need, as well as showcasing some of the fantastic work and curriculum projects we have been running. We hope it gives you an entertaining and informative insight into our school.

Please see our Contact Information page for all the ways to get in touch with us. We also welcome feedback from our 'visitors', so please feel free to leave us a nice comment in our Guestbook, too.

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  • 29 May 20: A video of the new safety procedures when entering and exiting the school site.
  • 29 May 20: Conditional Plan for the re-opening of school from 1 June.
  • 29 May 20: Parents' Letters re: Possible re-opening of school.
  • 29 May 20: Covid-19 Addendum to our Behaviour Policy.
  • 28 May 20: Lots of resources on the social and emotional aspects of returning to school.
  • 28 May 20: A link to the Pray as You Go website on our Covid-19 page.
  • 24 May 20: Children have been constructing DT Projects based on theme parks.
  • 24 May 20: Year 1 children have been designing and making pirate-themed lunchboxes.
  • 24 May 20: Year 4 have been investigating electrical circuits.
  • 24 May 20: Year 3 children have been categorising different food types.
  • 17 May 20: Year 6 conducted investigations into Micro-organisms.
  • 17 May 20: Reception have been making porridge inspired by Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
  • 17 May 20: Children held their own VE Day Celebrations at home.
  • 17 May 20: Children investigated shadows and created their own Puppet Theatre shows.
  • 17 May 20: During May Year 6 have been holding their own collective worships for Our Lady.
  • 13 May 20: An update on our School Meals page plus dinner menu for September.
  • 05 May 20: School Prospectus for 2019/20.
  • 05 May 20: A profile of school Governor Mrs Jenkins.
  • 05 May 20: Updated Charging and Remissions Policy.
  • 03 May 20: The children have participated in Clap for our Carers each Thursday evening.
  • 03 May 20: Two of our children organised their own Fundraising Event for Acorns Hospice.
  • 01 May 20: Some updated school Policy documents.
  • 01 May 20: A profile of school Governor Mrs Cunnane.
  • 01 May 20: An updated guide to using the School Money payment system.
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