St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School


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I love going to this school. It makes me feel safe and loved. I am listened too and respected by everyone You will be welcomed no matter who you are or where you come from. Thank you St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School. Thank you.

Rating: Excellent

Alessandra Kartsios

03 Mar 2023

I attended St. Christophers from about 1971. I was looking for a past pupils Face book group but came across this. It was lovely to see Siobhan Cronin’s message on here from few years ago. She was my favourite teacher in infants. Will never forget her.

Rating: Excellent

Lorraine Costello (nee Foy)

24 Jan 2020

As a prospective parent looking to admit my son into the school I attended the open day which was fantastic. The school it self has such a clean and warm feeling to it. The children studying looked content and very well focused. The head teacher was at hand to answer questions and reached my expectations above and beyond.

Rating: Excellent

Nahid Gokce

20 Nov 2019

Our grandson really enjoyed his first day in reception class. Thank you all.

Rating: Excellent

Rob and Jayne McGowran

05 Sep 2017

Had a great time and a great start in life – was a shame to leave but I can say that I’m enjoying my new school! Hope to remember all those fabulous memories.

Rating: Excellent

Krystyna Sharred

24 Nov 2016

It was such a sad time to leave but im glad to say that i have moved on from this school and settled into my new secondary school quite well, Still remembering those fond memories i had at this school. Missing you all.

Rating: Excellent

Easha Haroon

18 Nov 2016

Excellent website. I taught in St. Christopher’s/St. Ambrose Barlow’s from 1970 – 75 . I have very fond memories of my time there and am delighted to see all the favourable comments.

Rating: Excellent

Siobhan Cronin

26 May 2016

My nephew, who lives with me, has recently joined this outstanding school and he absolutely adores it because of Mrs Deneny. She has changed his life by one word. Shout out to Canon John and Miss Traynor who have cared for him like no one else. Me and Mrs Winter were once in the same class – how I wish we still were!

Rating: Excellent

Billy Hopkins

05 May 2016

My beautiful cousin goes here and she absolutely loves the place! Shout out to Mrs Winters and father Jerry, you have brought so much joy and love for education into her life! The school is fantastic I have recommended it to so many people. Great job keep it going!

Rating: Excellent


01 May 2016

My cousin goes to this school and she has settled in so well thank you for you help in her progress. I have never heard of a such an amazing school!

Rating: Excellent


05 Mar 2016

My daughter is in year 6 and I’m very pleased with the school. she started late and she was made welcome by pupils and staff. The school has a warm, caring, nurturing atmosphere and deals with parents concerns quickly and effectively. We are glad to be a part of this outstanding school.

Rating: Excellent


11 Dec 2015

Thank you Maya and Eoin for a fantastic tour yesterday. I was so impressed by how confident, articulate and positive you both were. It is clear to see that pupils at your school are very happy and excelling both academically and pastorally. As a former pupil myself, I would love for my children to join your wonderful school and look forward to completing our application soon.

Rating: Excellent

Sarah Mullin

10 Nov 2015

My cousin goes to this school and enjoys it so much! I’m glad that she goes there because she has made friends so fast!

Rating: Excellent


02 May 2015

My little sister goes to this school and she has made a massive improvement she loves the school and thanks for making her feel apart of the outstanding school. Great work.

Rating: Excellent


06 Mar 2015

This school is outstanding, my best friend goes here and so did her sister and they both have learned so much, so i just want to say a big thank you to all the teachers. Fantastic staff and outstanding atmosphere.

Rating: Excellent


16 Feb 2015

What an amazing school. My sister has recently started this school and has made so much progress in just a few weeks thanks to the outstanding teaching in the school. Well done!

Rating: Excellent


25 Jan 2015

All of our memories are on here and the teachers are the best. Mrs Deneny makes excellent assembles.

Rating: Excellent

Danny Moran

08 Apr 2014

This website is the best, all our pictures and memories are all stored in this fantastic school website. I love this school and the lovely people in it (teachers and children).

Rating: Excellent

Ruth Bubebo

14 Mar 2014

Good website. Miss the school a load. Hopefully the new yr 6’s are enjoying themselves.

Rating: Excellent

Kieron Toal

06 Oct 2013

I am really impressed what a lovely school website.

Rating: Excellent

Jo McGonigle

17 Aug 2013

My family and I think that our new school website is super because it showcases how brilliant our school is!

Rating: Excellent

Niamh Elliott, Year 4

07 Feb 2013

I think the website is cool and the school is cool too.

Rating: Excellent

Kenzie Thorne

21 Jan 2013

School website looks lovely, especially the pictures and art work.

Rating: Excellent

Katie Stephenson Y5

20 Jan 2013

Love the new site. Boys enjoyed looking around it too.

Rating: Excellent

Helen English

20 Jan 2013

Lovely and colourful with brilliant pictures of the staff!

Rating: Excellent

Karolina, Year 5

16 Jan 2013

It is very very good and understandable. Clare, Year 4.

Rating: Excellent

Clare O'Connor

22 Dec 2012

Brilliant new website. Very informative and some great photos!

Rating: Excellent

Kelly Heger

12 Dec 2012

A brilliant website! Congratulations!

Rating: Excellent

Deborah Drury

30 Nov 2012

What a lovely new school website. Full of informative news and interactive activities for the children and parents to use.

Rating: Excellent

Michael Stephenson

30 Nov 2012