St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School
St Ambrose Barlow Catholic Primary School


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Children at St Ambrose Barlow have a log in for Times Table Rock Stars (TTRS) and Numbots.

Times Table Rock Stars

There are six main game types at the heart of TT Rock Stars and they differ according to whether or not the tables are set for the pupils by their teachers, and whether they’re single player or multiplayer.

Most classes have set tables to practice and so the games are accessible to all year groups.

Frequency of practice is key with learning the tables. It’s more effective to practice three minutes a day at least four times a week than practising for the same total duration once a week.

Visit the Times Tables Rock Stars website


With their TTRS log in, children also have acess to Numbots.

In Story Mode, the emphasis is on mathematical concepts and is underpinned by a mastery approach to teaching. Story Mode features visual representations, procedural variation, exposure to different calculation strategies and interleaved material all in very carefully sequenced order.

In Challenge Mode, the emphasis is on rapid responses to essential facts and simple sums, against the clock.

Each week, in our celebration assembly, certificates are won by the children for a number of different categories each week such as most coins won, number of levels passed, improvement in accuracy and so on.

Visit the Numbots website